Asian Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022


About Art and Fun

  • ASMRM2022 Fun and Game

    We wish you enjoy the art and music of MR, not only the science and medicine of MR. together we resonate and have fun during ASMRM 2022

    Curator: Ming-Ting Wu, 吳銘庭, M.D.

  • Fine Art of MR image --- Beyond seeing

    Hui-Cheng Cheng 鄭慧正M.D., Ph.D.

    Inspired by the works of “Calla Lily”, X-ray fine-art pieces by a dentist Albert Richards, and “A Moment of Eternity” in 1/100000 sec. by Hashimura Yasuomi, Dr. Cheng innovated the first-ever fine art of still life of MRI. All pieces were scanned on a clinical scanners using different sequences to capture and express the never-seen inner beauty in our daily life, such as the flowers and fruits. First exhibition held in ISMRM 2006, and a photobook “Beyond seeing” published in 2010.

    Now guess what exact scan sequence used in the Figure 1,2 and 3 and others in the webpage?

    Why not play a Match-up and win a prize?

    Potential answers are” (a). T1WI, (b). T2WI, (c). T1WI+immersed contrast agent, (d). negative film of T2WI, (e). negative film of T2WI with object in water

    Fig. 1 Answer: __

    Fig. 2 Answer: ___

    Fig. 3 Answer: ___

  • Music of MR scanner --- 丟丟銅仔( Diu Diu Deng)

    Director: Ming-Ting Wu 吳銘庭 , M.D.
    MIDI Remixer: Chun-Yo Chen 陳均宥, 中華藝校音樂科 Department of Music, Chung-Hwa School of Arts, Taiwan

    The sound of Cold Head (He Compressor) of MR scanner sounds just like a steam locomotive and the MR magnet bore looks perfectly a tunnel. All sounds are the native “noise” recorded in a MR scanner room, and remixed on MIDI.
    Diu Diu Deng is a top beloved Taiwanese folk song. It describes the sounds and scenes of a train passing through the tunnels, while there are drips drop in the tunnel orchestra with the steam locomotive.

    It could even be an applausive piece of A Cappella

    Now guess what is the exact sequence made the “noise”?
    Why not play a Match-Up game and win a prize?
    The potential answers are (a). T1SE (b). cold head, (c). T1 SE quiet, (d). DWI, (e). FLAIR quiet, (f). cine SSFP

    Track 0 Answer:__
    Track 1 Answer:__
    Track 2 Answer:__
    Track 3 Answer:__
    Track 5 Answer:__
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