Asian Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022


  • Flexible FOV image reconstruction using multi-echo 13C imaging with rotating spiral arms

    Author : Sung-Han Lin

    Co-Authors :

  • A0101001

    Saturation Prepared Segmented Steady State Free Precession for Four Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Angiography of the Brain

    Author : Chun Ju Chen

    Co-Authors : Shu Tian Chen , Wen Chang Chen , Shih Chung Wang , Chia Ni Lin , Shu Po Liao , May Ying Lee , Chien Han Liao

  • A0102013

    Comparison between 1.5T and 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging on the accuracy of Proton density fat fraction measurement in patients with hepatic steatosis

    Author : Chia-Yun Chang

    Co-Authors : Chih-Horng Wu

  • A0102025

    Association of emphysema severity with coronary flow reserve and left atrial conduit function in the emphysema patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease

    Author : Masaki Ishida

    Co-Authors : Makiko Kubooka , Masafumi Takafuji , Haruno Ito , Takanori Kokawa , Satoshi Nakamura , Yasutaka Ichikawa , Kensuke Domae , Shuichi Murashima , Hajime Sakuma

  • A0104020

    Synthesize Cerebral Microbleed for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Using Cycle Generative Adversarial Network

    Author : Peng Xia

    Co-Authors : Zuojun Wang , Peng Cao

  • A0104021

    Predicting metabolite concentration with magnetic resonance spectroscopy and convolutional neural network directed to explainable features

    Author : Tsing-Yue Liu

    Co-Authors : Chen Ya-Fang , Chao Chih-Chao , Wu Wen-Chau

  • Demonstration of a correspondence between functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) maps of negative cerebrovascular responses obtained from spontaneous breathing and those maps of negative cerebrovascular reactivity obtained from CO2 inhalation in a c

    Author : Kenneth K. Kwong,

    Co-Authors : Karleyton C. Evans , MD , 2 Tian-yue Song , MS , 1 Bruce R. Rosen , MD , PhD , 1 Aneesh Singhal , MD , 3 and Suk-tak Chan , PhD ,

  • Potential of Quantitative MRI Indices in Evaluating Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

    Author : Daiki Sakamoto

    Co-Authors : Xinnan Li 1 , Maho Kitagawa 1 , Hiroyuki Hamaguchi 1 , Katsuhisa Yamada 2 , Hideki Sudo 2 , Khin Khin Tha 1,3

  • A0101004

    Monitoring remyelination by MRI after transcranial ultrasound stimulation in the rat brain

    Author : ZIH-YUN PAN

    Co-Authors : Li-Hsin Huang , Feng-Yi Yang

  • A0101005

    A Study on the Myelodegeneration Hypothesis of Magnetization Transfer Ratio Across Lifespan

    Author : Chi Wen Christina Huang

    Co-Authors : Ting-En Chang , Wing P. Chan , Wen-Yih Isaac Tseng

  • A0101006

    Monitor early glycolytic flux alterations following radiotherapy in cancer and immune cells: Hyperpolarized carbon-13 mag-netic resonance imaging study

    Author : Ying-Chieh Lai

    Co-Authors : Ching-Yi Hsieh , Kuan-Ying Lu , Cheng-Hsuan Sung , Hung-Yao Ho , Mei-Ling Cheng , Albert Chen , Shu-Hang Ng , Fang-Hsin Chen , Gigin Lin

  • A0101007

    Development of MRI-based glucose metabolism imaging in Huntington Disease

    Author : Yuwen Chen

    Co-Authors : Yu-Ying Tung , Chia-Huei Lin , Dennis Hwang

  • A0102002

    Altered cortical morphometry and structural co-variance in social anxiety disorder

    Author : Xun Zhang

    Co-Authors : Song Wang , Qiyong Gong

  • A0102003

    Brain structure vulnerability to aggravated social anxiety symptoms during the COVID‐19 pandemic

    Author : Xun Zhang

    Co-Authors : Song Wang , Qiyong Gong

  • A0102006

    Machine Learning for Prediction of Recurrence in Parasagittal and Parafalcine Meningiomas: Combined Clinical and Texture Features

    Author : Ching-Chung Ko

    Co-Authors : Hsun-Ping Hsieh , Tai-Yuan Chen , Sher-Wei Lim

  • A0102007

    Emotional intelligence mediates the protective role of the orbitofrontal cortex spontaneous activity against depressive and anxious symptoms in late adolescence

    Author : Xun Zhang

    Co-Authors : Song Wang , Qiyong Gong

  • A0102008

    Longitudinal investigation of brain structural and functional changes in migraine before and after treatment using multi-parametric quantitative MRI

    Author : TAI-YUAN CHEN

    Co-Authors : Ming-Chung Chou , Ching-Chung Ko , Te-Chang Wu , Yun-Ju Shih

  • A0102009

    The ratio of T1-Weighted to T2-Weighted Signal Intensity and IDH mutation in glioma

    Author : Takahiro Sanada

    Co-Authors : Shota Yamamoto , Hirotaka Sato , Mio Sakai , Ryogo Anei , Yonehiro Kanemura , Katsuyuki Nakanishi , Haruhiko Kishima , Manabu Kinoshita

  • A0102010

    Tirofiban as a Rescue Treatment for Acute In-stent Thrombosis: A Meta-analysis of Feasibility and Safety.

    Author : Irene (Tai-Lin) Lee

    Co-Authors : Kevin Sheng-Kai Ma , Brian Shiian Chen , Wei-Jen Lai

  • A0102011

    Deep Neural Networks for Prediction of Recurrence in Non-functioning Pituitary Macroadenomas

    Author : Ching-Chung Ko

    Co-Authors : Hsun-Ping Hsieh , Jeon-Hor Chen , Yu-Ting Kuo

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