Asian Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022


  • A0102012

    ADC Values in Diffusion-Weighted MR Imaging for Differentiation between Benign and Atypical/Malignant Meningiomas: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Author : Ching-Chung Ko

    Co-Authors : Yueh-Ting Tsai , Yu-Kun Tsui , Jeon-Hor Chen , Yu-Ting Kuo

  • A0102014

    Reverse Remodeling of Left Atrium Assessed by Cardiac MR Feature Tracking in Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy after Septal Myectomy

    Author : Shujuan Yang

    Co-Authors : Shihua Zhao

  • A0102015

    Adverse outcome related to ischemia-like LGE pattern in HCM patients with non-extensive fibrosis

    Author : Shujuan Yang

    Co-Authors : Shihua Zhao

  • A0102016

    Accuracy of 1.5T MR Neurography in Diagnosing Grade A C5-T1 Spinal Nerve Stumps with Normal Nerve Rootlets Connection to the Spinal Cord: Results of 295 Consecutive Adult Brachial Plexus Surgeries

    Author : Yun Jen Yeow

    Co-Authors : Kee Min Yeow , I Hao Su , Yi Ming Wu , Chien Ming Chen , Yao Liang Chen , Jhen Ling Huang

  • A0102017

    A practical nomogram based on MRI for predicting unidentified atrial fibrillation in patients with acute ischemic stroke

    Author : Hsu-Huei Weng

    Co-Authors : Chao-Hui Chen , Meng Lee , Jiann-Der Lee , Jen-Tsung Yang , Leng-Chieh Lin , Yuan-Hsiung Tsai , Yen-Chu Huang

  • A0102018

    Association between cerebral microstructural alteration and emotional change in breast cancer survivors after chemotherapy

    Author : Yi Fang Wu

    Co-Authors : Vincent Chin-Hung Chen , Yuan-Hsiung Tsai , Jun-Cheng Weng

  • A0102019

    Detection of Early Infarct Signs in Non-contrast Brain CT referred to MR Images byCascade Mask Region-Convolutional Neural Network

    Author : Chi-Hsiang Chou

    Co-Authors : Li-Chih Wang , Jahih Fu , Jyh-Wen Chai , Wen-Hsien Chen

  • A0102021

    Usefulness of Zero Time of Echo (ZTE) MRI sequence for assessing bony lesions of skull as compared with Computed Tomography

    Author : Vikas Chauhan

    Co-Authors : Sachin Girdhar , Jissa VT , Bhairav Mehta , Bejoy Thomas , Kesavadas Chandrasekharan

  • A0102022

    An MRI-Based Clinical-Perfusion Model Predicts Pathological Subtypes of Prevascular Mediastinal Tumors

    Author : Chia-Ying Lin

    Co-Authors : Yi-Ting Yen , Li-Ting Huang , Tsai-Yun Chen , Yi-Sheng Liu , Shih-Yao Tang , Yu-Hua Dean Fang , Chao-Chun Chang , Yau-Lin Tseng

  • A0102024

    Follow-up MR imaging after OHCA (Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest) and ROSC (Return of spontaneous circulation)

    Author : Hon-Man Liu

    Co-Authors : Sheng-Yih Sun , Wei-min Tsai

  • A0102026

    Characterizing Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Brain White Matter Hyperintensities with Mild Cognitive Impairment Patients

    Author : Yi-Ying Wu

    Co-Authors : Jyh-Wen Chai , Kuan-Jung Pan , Ni-Jung Chang , Yung-Chieh Chang , Yen-Chieh Ouyang

  • A0102027

    A Hyperspectral Imaging analysis to White Matter Hyperintensities Detection in Brain Magnetic Resonance Images

    Author : Yung Chieh Chang

    Co-Authors : Jyh-Wen Chai

  • A0102028

    Comparison of the T2 weighted image on HASTE and BLADE for lesion detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.

    Author : Song Ru Jhan

    Co-Authors : Te-Cheng Su , Pi-Yi Chang , Chih-Wen Tsai

  • A0102029

    Brain Gray and White Matter Changes Associated with Psychological Characteristics in Predatory, Affective Violent and Nonviolent Offenders

    Author : Ming-Chung Chou

    Co-Authors : Ming-Chung Chou , Tien-Cheng Cheng , Pinchen Yang , Rueih-Chin Lin , Ming-Ting Wu

  • A0102030

    CMR parametric mapping of T1 and derived extracellular volume for differentiation between Anderson-Fabry disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

    Author : Yu-Chang Liao

    Co-Authors : Yu-Pin Chang

  • A0102031

    Comparison of Zero echo time (ZTE) MRI and chest CT for lung nodule detection, characterization and Lung-RADS categorization

    Author : Yu-Hsiang Juan

    Co-Authors : Chen-Yiu Hung , Gigin Lin , Shu-Hang Ng , Shu-Chi Tseng , Tsung-Yuan Wu , Charng‑Chyi Shieh , Chien-Yuan Eddy Lin , How-Wen Ko , Yu-Ching Lin

  • A0102032

    New Indices Combining Extracellular Volume Matrix Fraction (ECV) and Left Ventricular Heart Function (LVHF) in the Prediction of Lower Limb Muscle ECV and Need of Transluminal Angioplasty

    Author : Yu-Hsiang Juan

    Co-Authors : Tieh-Cheng Fu , Gigin Lin , Shu-Hang Ng , Chi-Hsiao Yeh , Soh-Chin Ng , Tsun-Chin Chang , Yu-Ching Lin

  • A0102033

    Myocardial T1 measurement of healthy subject using photoplethysmography-gated single trans-axial scan: a validation and reliability study

    Author : Yi-Chun Chen

    Co-Authors : Ming-ting Wu

  • A0103001

    Comparison of the quantitation of T1 and T2 values in the female pelvis generated from MR fingerprinting validated by MAGiC

    Author : Bo-Syuan Huang

    Co-Authors : Ching-Yi Hsieh , Rolf F Schulte , Chien-Yuan Lin , Gigin Lin

  • A0103002

    Microvascular Morphology Alteration in the Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease

    Author : Geon-Ho Jahng

    Co-Authors : Xiao-Yi Guo , HyeokJung Kwon , Soonchan Park , Hak Young Rhee , Chang-Woo Ryu

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