Asian Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 2022


  • A0103003

    Myelin Water Changes in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

    Author : Seung-Hyun Lim

    Co-Authors : Bokyung Kim , Hak Young Rhee , Soonchan Park , Chang-Woo Ryu , Geon-Ho Jahng

  • A0103005

    Free-breathing simple-modified Volumetric Interpolated Breath-hold Examination (VIBE) for multiphase contrast-enhanced liver MRI: A head-to-head comparison study with breath-hold VIBE and free-breathing VIBE

    Author : 明華 張

    Co-Authors : 哲勳 黃 , 銘庭 吳 , 威登 王 , 柏諭 黃

  • A0104001

    CNN-based Compressed Sensing MRI using segmented signals in Phase Scrambling Fourier Imaging Technique

    Author : Kazuki Yamato

    Co-Authors : Satoshi Ito

  • A0104002

    A CNN-based autoencoder and machine learning model for identifying gender using generalized q-sampling MRI features

    Author : Jun-Cheng Weng

    Co-Authors : Chia-Heng Wei , Yi-Peng Eve Chang

  • A0104003

    Quantitative Measurement of Breast Tumors Using Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) MR Images

    Author : Siwa Chan

    Co-Authors : Wei-Hsuan Hu , Yen-Chieh Ouyang , Hsien-Chi Su , Chin-Yao Lin , Yung-Chieh Chang , Chia-Chun Hsu , Kuan-Wen Chen , Chia-Chen Liu , Sou-Hsin Chien

  • A0104004

    Benchmarking Deep Learning Networks for MRI Reconstruction on Multicoil Public Dataset

    Author : Naoto Fujita

    Co-Authors : Suguru Yokosawa , Toru Shirai , Yasuhiko Terada

  • A0104005

    Age-related heterogeneity of apparent diffusion coefficient, apparent myelin water fraction, and T1w/T2w ratio in grey matter and white matter

    Author : Nan-Hao Chen

    Co-Authors : Li-Ping Chen , Chia-Wei Hsu , Ching-Hua Yang , Hsu-Hsia Peng

  • A0104006

    Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acoustic Noise Reduction Techniques Using Psychoacoustic Evaluation Quantities

    Author : Takanobu Yamashiro

    Co-Authors : Yoshikazu Yamamoto , Yasuo Takatsu , Masafumi Nakamura , Kosuke Morita , Kazuhiro Nakajima

  • A0104007

    Association of aortic arch vortex and aortic kinetic energy in patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot

    Author : Yu-Ru Yang

    Co-Authors : Meng-Chu Chang , Ming-Ting Wu , Ken-Pen Weng , Hsu-Hsia Peng

  • A0104008

    Left ventricular cardiac function and fibrosis in patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot

    Author : Hung-Wei Wang

    Co-Authors : Ming-Ting Wu , Ken-Pen Weng , Hsu-Hsia Peng

  • A0104009

    Associations of regional microstructural tissue integrity by myelin-related and diffusion imaging in MRI

    Author : Nan-Hao Chen

    Co-Authors : Yi-Chieh Hsu , Li-Ping Chen , Chia-Wei Hsu , Ching-Hua Yang , Hsu-Hsia Peng

  • A0104010

    Relative Cerebral Blood Volume and MRS metabolites in Mice with High Fat Diet and Nitrogen Oxide Treatment

    Author : Tzu-Ming Hung

    Co-Authors : Sheng-Min Huang , Yun-Chieh Tsai , Ting-Yu Chin , Tsai-Te Lu , Hsu-Hsia Peng

  • A0104011

    Generate vary MRF signal by WGAN model

    Author : youchiuan chen

    Co-Authors : Hsu-Hsia Peng , Yi-Jui Liu , Chun-Jung Juan

  • A0104012

    Feasibility of Visualization of Neurofluid Perfusion in the Mouse Brain based on Q-space Imaging

    Author : Anju Sato

    Co-Authors : Satoshi Yatsushiro , Mihiro Mizuno , Mitsunori Matsumae , Tomohiko Horie , Hideki Atsumi , Kagayaki Kuroda

  • A0104013

    Variability of Dynamic Functional Connectivity in Longitudinal Analysis of Neuromodulated Normal Rat by Focused Ultrasound

    Author : Yu-Chieh Hung

    Co-Authors : Yi-Cheng Wang , Hao-Li Liu , Hsu-Hsia Peng

  • A0104014

    Relationships of total cerebral volume and cerebral blood flow velocity (FV) across age and sex: Preliminary quantitative MRI study

    Author : Shiou-Ping Lee

    Co-Authors : Wing P. Chan

  • A0104015

    Detection of Early-Stage Degeneration in Human Knee Cartilage via Loading Rate and Assessment using MRI T2 Mapping

    Author : Pei-An Lee

    Co-Authors : Ting-Yu Kuo , You-Cheng Chen , Wing P. Chan , Tung-Wu Lu

  • A0104017

    MR Thermometry of Fat during Microwave Ablation of Abdominal Nerve

    Author : Daiki Endo

    Co-Authors : Tomoyuki Tajima , Yoshiki Watanabe , Shohei Matsuhara , Kagayaki Kuroda

  • A0104018

    The Effect of Angular Threshold on Tract-based Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Corticospinal Tracts as an Example

    Author : Hsuan-Ju Chen

    Co-Authors : Ya-Fang Chen , Wen-Chau Wu

  • A0104019

    Association between functional brain alterations and cognitive impairment in hypertensive using resting-state fMRI.

    Author : Yu-Chen Chuang

    Co-Authors : Wen-Chau Wu , Vincent Chin-Hung Chen , Yen-Hsuan Hsu , Jun-Cheng Weng

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